Welcome to the Progressive Bull Moose Party

Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s revolt against the Democratic and Republican parties exactly 100 years ago, the modern Progressive Bull Moose Party promotes a progressive agenda through objectivity and pragmatism in politics. Our activities include commentary, advising, advocacy, and innovation.  We believe in upholding the Constitution as well as robust Democratic Capitalism, where the most influential individual is the well-informed voter and consumer. Along these lines, we favor free market solutions with an efficient government to provide appropriate regulations and incentives for a competitive global economy.  We encourage you to learn about us, engage in constructive conversation, and participate as an active citizen.   -T.R.

We Support

  • Fiscally Responsible Government
  • Modern Economy & Defense
  • Environmental Protection
  • Evidence-based Policy
  • Equal Rights for All



About Us

We appreciate your interest in learning more about our group.  We are an independent political entity.  Read more about our history, leadership, and party platform.

Issues & Action Plan

The key to any political movement is a clear definition of our positions and goals.  The Progressive Bull Moose Party addresses each of the issues in detail.  In addition, we also lay out a specific action plan that will be advocated for by party members as private citizens or elected officials.

Get Involved

As Teddy Roosevelt used to say, “My hat is in the ring.” We encourage active participation from all members of our country and of our group.  Come learn the ways that you can get involved with the Bull Moose Party.


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